Frigidaire Appliance Repair
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in Calgary, Airdrie, Carstairs, Chestemere & Cochrane.

by Accutech Appliances Ltd.

#227 612-500 Country Hills Blvd NE, Calgary, AB

We repair most makes and models of Frigidaire Appliances. Accutech customers enjoy prompt, courteous services, honest estimates and clean, orderly workmanship from a fully licensed and certified appliance technician.

About Frigidaire Appliances

frigidaire appliances repaired

Frigidaire is an all-American brand of consumer and commercial appliances, primarily refrigerators. It was Frigidaire, in fact, that developed the first self-contained refrigerator as invented by Nathaniel B. Wales and Alfred Mellowes way back in in 1916. Right up into the 60s, the brand name was synonymous with a refrigerator of any kind, with most people referring to any new fangled ice box ad the Frigidaire, which would later become shortened to the ubiquitous "fridge" term we use today.