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Accutech appliance repair customers enjoy prompt, courteous services, honest estimates and clean, orderly workmanship from a fully licensed and certified appliance technician. Best of all, Accutech Appliances only bills for appliance repairs performed - for time on the job, not by an arbitrary "book" rate.

Serving Calgary, Airdrie, Carstairs, Chestemere, Cochrane and all points in between.

About Accutech

Calgary's best appliance repairman is Swen Hanson at Accutech Appliances. He's a Journeyman Appliance Technician who has been providing outstanding appliance repair, maintenance, installation and inspection services for over 27 years.

Appliance Repair Service

Accutech Appliances repairs most makes and models of home appliances in one visit. When you call our certified appliance repairman, we will try to gather relevant information about your brand and model of appliance as well as the problem you are having, which allows us to anticipate your needs and show up fully prepared. In some instances, extensive diagnostics may be required and parts may need to be ordered in. Call us today at (403) 669-9233 or email to discuss the problem and potential solutions.

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Appliance Servicing & Maintenence

As with most machinery, gas and electric home appliances last longer with regular maintenance. Regular servicing from Accutech Appliances includes accessing, cleaning and lubricating of various internal and external components, running diagnostics on circuitry and checking for proper flow of fluids and ventilation. These quick and routine procedures will ensure your appliances continue to perform as quietly and efficiently as if they were brand new for years to come. Call (403) 669-9233 or email today to schedule an appointment.

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Certified Appliance Installation Technician

While many home appliances seem easy to install, they're not necessarily easy to install properly. Improperly installed appliances can lead to early malfunction and voided warranties. These days, modern home appliances are highly sophisticated. Even levelling a stacking washer/dryer requires precision fittings and careful technique. Have your home appliances installed to manufacturer's specifications by a qualified, professional appliance technician who understands the unseen complexities of the machinery at hand for smooth, long-lasting operation. Call us at (403) 669-9233 or email today to ensure a qualified appliance technician installs your appliances correctly.

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Appliance Removal, Storage or Moving Prep

If you plan on moving and taking some or all of your home appliances with you, it's always a good idea to have them properly prepped for transportation. This process includes draining pipes, reservoirs and pumps where needed, applying fittings and locking devices supplied with the appliance when it initially shipped, plus other means and methods to ensure your expensive machinery and its internal components aren't damaged while loading, transporting and unloading. Any damage to an improperly secured appliance will void its warranty. Call us at (403) 669-9233 or email today for a moving prep estimate on any or all of your home appliances that need to be moved.

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Certified Gas Appliance Specialist

Not all appliance technicians are created equal. Accutech Appliances provides a qualified, certified gas appliance technician for your gas appliance installation, servicing and repair needs. Don't be fooled. Not everyone can do it properly, safely and to manufacture (and building code) specifications.

Call us at (403) 669-9233
or email today.

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Home Appliance Inspection Service

Looking to buy a home? Let our certified, professional appliance technician inspect the appliances that come with it. With over 27 years' experience, you can expect keen insights into just about any make and model under the sun, its known value, reputation, inherent flaws or lack thereof, and expected lifespan. Accutuech Appliances will also inspect and diagnose appliances as required to find which ones are in great shape and which are about to give up the ghost, even though they look clean and shiny. Before you buy a home, call Accutech Appliances to schedule a Home Appliance Inspection along with your standard Home Inspection.

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What Customers Say

Great service, reasonable rates, prompt repairs... don't just take our word for it. Here's what customers are saying:
problem solved
Dear Accutech, thank you for solving our defrosting issue so quickly and charging so little. Problem solved! I would gladly have paid more!  
Andrea Beckers

Cochrane, AB

great work
Swen Hanson prepped our appliances for a big move. Everything was properly secured. Nothing was broken when it arrived. Thanks Swen! You do great work!  
Anna C.

Airdrie, AB

thanks accutech
Finally, a repairman that arrives on time, comes prepared and gets the job done in one quick visit. Thanks Accutech! You are a rare find!  
T. Paulson

Calgary, AB

Brands We Service

All major home appliances and most warranty work

We repair and service all major appliances, including:


Fequently Answered Questions

Q: I was wondering what your hours are and if I have to make an appointment. Also, do you work on weekends?

A: We are available for appliance repairs and service calls by appointment during regular business hours, 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday. However, we may be able to make exceptions for extenuating circumstances and emergencies. Please call (403) 669-9233 to discuss your situation.

Q: My Maytag dryer doesn't run hot anymore. Do I have to remove something and bring the part to you to look at?

A: Accutech Appliances will come to your location to examine the problem and perform any nessecary work. In other words, we make house calls. In fact, that's all we do!

Q: If some appliance repair book says a repair will take 2 hours but you do it in 1 hour, will you still charge me for 2 hours?

A: Absolutely not. Accutech Appliance only bills for time on the job performing work. In some instances, a small amount of travel time may also be billed - about 10 minutes' worth, usually. We do not use "flat rate" billing or any other method to inflate your costs. Accutech Appliances has a long-standing reputation for honest billing practices and superior workmanship at honest rates.

Q: I live in Cochrane, Alberta. Do you come this far? What is your service area?

A: Accutech Appliances Ltd. provides repair, installation and maintenence services to Calgary and Airdrie. We also provide service to Carstairs, Chestemere, Cochrane and all points in between for a small mileage fee. Please call (403) 669-9233 to discuss your situation.

Q: I'm wondering if you are able to work on our natural gas appliances or if you only do electric appliances. Do I need a gas fitter?

A: Accutech Appliances is not only completely capable of working on natural gas appliances, we provide one of the few home appliance technicians in Calgary actually qualified and certified to do so.

Q: Do you install used appliances, or just new ones? We just bought some used kitchen appliances (fridge, stove, hood fan w/microwave, dishwasher) and need help installing them.

A: Yes, we install all home appliances, new, used or refurbished. When installing used appliances, we'll also check them out and tune them up as necessary to give them added life.